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Did you know that, More than 44 million Americans enjoy fishing every year. Fishing is most popular outdoor activities in the U.S. from 2009 to till date. To help you fishing we have got this all new Underwater Fish Finder With Infrared Camera. 

  • Have you ever seen underwater when you are fishing? We have this new innovation which will help you to see what's underneath the water while you are fishing.
  • Don't get hung up on a place in a kayak where there are no fishes, this fish finder underwater HD camera will help you to fish at the right place.


  • Have a impeccable experience watching underwater fishing from detachable 7" inch LCD screen with High definition.

  • Fishing at night had never been easier with night infrared camera.
  • 7.0 inch TFT big display brings you wide angle image with removable sun shield
  • Adjustable on/off light function.
  • 6pcs of coils to fasten the camera through Telescopic fishing rod without any effort.

  • High quality 4500mAh lithium battery, can continuously work up to 7-8 hours.
  • Lightweight and small size, which is very convenient for you to carry anywhere you want.
  • Ideal for monitoring aquaculture, underwater exploration, ocean/ice/lake fishing, underwater salvage, pretty much everything.
  • With maximum bearing capacity of 30kg.


Is shipping free?

This item is eligible for Free Shipping, to contribute to our community shipping cost is on us. Shipped by our delivery partners ePacket & United States Postal Service

Can I record?

Yes we have Digital Video Recorder in one of our variant, For DVR Please select "30M Infrared + DVR" variant

Are you able to use this device for ice fishing? 

Yes, this 7 inch fish finder can be used for ice fishing

What is the viewing angle of the camera?

The viewing angle of this 7 inch fishing camera is 110 degree

Do I need to pay any customs?

No, you don't have to pay any customs fee for this product

What are the dimensions of the camera itself? 

The length of the camera is 86mm/3.39inch.The diameter of the camera is 38mm/1.50inch

How long does it take to charge?

It takes 6-8 hours to charge from exhausted, but will last all day.

Have any questions? drop us a email at 


Fishing Streak™  was founded in November 2004 by an USA Fishing family. We are not just a retail store, it's an experience. We have the best range of fishing products in USA and source the best gear locally and internationally. Our commitment is to continue to provide high-quality gear and offer excellent value to everyone. We believes in giving back to the communities in which we live. 

Plastic for marine life such as fish, dolphins, seabirds and seals it can be deadly as they become entangled or mistake it for food. Please don't discard plastic in water.

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Customer Reviews

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Got to use this for the first time. The water was very dark and murky under the ice, but this camera definitely did the job. I think the lights on it, brought in more fish. Rigged it with the clips to work horizontally. The only way to twist it the way you want is by letting it sit right on the lake floor.. then twist the cord the direction you want it. Did all I expected it to do.. Kids loved it too. Made fishing with them way more fun..


I've been using this camera for about a year and absolutely love it. Ice fishing is SOOO much more amusing when you can watch the fish approaching your lures. We usually drill 4 holes, then put the camera in one of the ends holes, pointed at the other three. Once we get all three lines into view, the show begins. Surprisingly good picture quality, even at depth.


I bought this underwater camera for my son to use when we go ice fishing and we love it. It is been about a year and a half and it works great. Image is awesome in both shallow and dark deep water. The infrared light is a plus when you are in low light areas. We have used it in -18 F temperatures and the battery and everything works great. The case is strong and protects everything very well. I would recommend this to anyone. It is a great product for the price.


Bought this camera for ice fishing this winter. Tried out out at local marina after battery charged. The screen quality is great! Exceeds my expectations for an underwater camera! Fast shipping & excellent customer service!


The camera came in 10 days. Delivered the courier. Corresponds to the description. Turned on, working. In the pond did not try yet. Thanks to the seller. The order is very satisfied.